Thursday, February 3, 2011

{ Girls' Night: Barbie Bunco }

The Party Pug is so excited to share this party first!

Seriously. It scores high points across the board, for originality, attention to detail, and four pug paws up for all-around awesomeness.

Tilly was hosting a Bunco Night for the girls, but she wanted to make it special.

We know, we know. What could possibly be more special than Bunco?

Check this out.

Festoons of feather boas...

Handmade bunco cards in hot pink, black and white amidst a scatter of diamonds and pearls...

Prizes and favors galore...

Tilly made sure every detail was just right.

From the colors...

to the perfect Barbie-themed touches...

to the sweetest little homemade wine charms the Party Pug has ever seen. On pink-sugar-rimmed glasses, no less.

And just in case you haven't fully swooned over Tilly's work, we present you with the most amazing thing ever.

The life-size Barbie box. From Mattel, of course. For all your photographic needs. Created by Tilly and her dad.

Tilly, herself, is modeling as the original 1950s version of the doll, and she has a fun group of friends who all dressed up as variations on the theme.

Standing ovation from Party Pug. We bet you ladies had a blast!


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