Meet The Pugs

After all, they're the inspiration!

And they pose so well for photos. 

The first rule of Party Pugs - Always mug for the camera.

Oscar is our dignified pug.

He's so very serious. But that doesn't stop him from having a good time. 

Then there's Molly. 

100% princess...

100% of the time. She is the embodiment of Pug Royalty in every way.

Conversely, the embodiment of Pug Shenanigans is Bentley.

Have you ever seen such a goofball?


There they are, the reason behind this site's url. Beloved and adored...

The Party Pugs.

Join them as they take you on a tour of some of the most fun parties across the internet, shared by great friends, readers and party planner extraordinaires.

* Pug photographs featured here and throughout the site 
courtesy of the fabulous Photography by A Dennette
serving the Jacksonville and NE Florida areas;
Not for reproduction or distribution *


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Pug photographs featured in the banner and throughout the site are courtesy of Photography by A. Dennette.

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