So you want to share your party ideas with Party Pug?

Excellent! And thank you!
It's really quite easy.

Just send an email with your Party Title in the subject line and be sure to include the following information!

* Your name
* Your email address/contact information
* The reason for your party (bridal shower, Superbowl, birthday, just because)
* Some information about the party (what inspired you, what were you most excited about)
* Your favorite details
* 5-10 detail photos* (please try to focus on the details and not the guests)
* Any vendor information (for great buys)
* Any diy tutorials you'd like to share
* Any menu ideas and/or recipes
* Any additional information you would like included

See that? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Thank you for your contribution to Party Pug!

*By submitting photos to Party Pug, you are agreeing that you own the rights to share and distribute these photographs and that you are giving permission for photographs to be used on the Party Pug website. 


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